Two months after the launch of Wjerspegelje, the project with Frisian poetry on mirrors expands on April 1th with eight poets and 96 locations. Wjerspegelje uses the recommended RIVM hand washing moment to give Frisian poets a new stage.

Jeanet Hospes approaches the locations on behalf of Merk Fryslân: “In addition to overnight stays and catering locations we have also asked for other public places. For example also libraries and other cultural organizations. The responses are very enthusiastic and there are also spontaneous registrations. That is nice and there is still room for more locations!” In total there are now thirty different Frisian poems on 575 mirrors on 104 locations. Visitors can scan a QR code for the Dutch translation.

Varied mirror poetry

The poets are commissioned by Leeuwarden UNESCO City of Literature. Ernst Bruinsma, business manager: “The mirror poetry is very diverse because we composed the group poets carefully. So we ask experienced poets as well as emerging talents. In addition to Frisian-speaking poets, there are also foreign-speaking professionals. They write in Dutch, after which a literary translator made the Frisian version.” The poets who contributed to the second series are Sannemaj Betten, Job Degenaar, Joël Hut (in Súdwesthoeks), Jan Kleefstra, Roelof ten Napel, Michelle Samba, Albertina Soepboer and Syds Wiersma. Based on Soepboer’s poem “De Jûnsklokkroketblues” is made a video in which the verse is recited in various places. The viewer travels from Ameland to Appelscha and from Hindeloopen to Tytsjerk.

All poems are in Frisian and Dutch on Over there an overview of the locations can also be found. The project will be in the near future further expanded to a total of fifty poems. Wjerspegelje is based on the idea Weerspiegelen in Zwolle and was made possible by the province of Fryslân.

photo: Lucas Kemper
video: Hatogkrøller