news 28 May 2023
Throwback: Page Against the Machine!
news 26 May 2023
Now is the time to say new things in the programme Over de drempel
03 May 2023
Why Page Against the Machine? Interview with bookseller Joe Hedinger from Norwich
news 28 April 2023
International program on Meet Me at the Lighthouse with Leeuwarden City of Literature
news 25 April 2023
Feel as if you are ‘lonely reader’?
news 21 April 2023
Page Against the Machine: phone off, book on!
news 20 April 2023
Online training for book promotion
news 15 April 2023
Diary Carolina Pihelgas (3)
news 07 April 2023
Diary Carolina Pihelgas (2)
news 30 March 2023
Diary Carolina Pihelgas (1)