Regional poet of Noardeast-Fryslân, Geart Tigchelaar, is looking for two people to read a poem with him once a month and briefly discuss it. This could be either a Dutch- or Frisian-language poem, but readers are not required to be able to speak the language (though it is, of course, handy if they could read them). The intention is to produce a short conversation about the poem(s) in question with every reading: Does it appeal to you – or perhaps not? Are you struck by the verse – or does it leave you completely unaffected? Anything goes, it’s all part of FERSpraat.

The recordings take place every month on Wednesday afternoon at 4:00pm in Streekargyf Noardeast-Fryslân in Dokkum (Brokmui 62) and are made by Tigchelaar himself. FERSpraat is broadcast by RTV NOF during the Weekend News show, lasting some ten minutes.

So – if reading poetry and talking about it is your cup of tea, contact Geart Tigchelaar. Registration is open until May 20. You can always simply ask for more info with no obligation.  His email address is