Fers2 presents Keukenstafelpetearen, a podcast on art, writing and the politics of literature, hosted by Friduwih Riemersma and Abe de Vries. The new series brings intimate conversations with artists about their work and their lives and will air on Wednesday, March 24, 2021.

In this very first Frisian language art podcast, the literary magazine Fers2 will illuminate art from a radical perspective: what do we really want with art? Presented by writer and visual artist Friduwih Riemersma, the series brings intimate conversations with writers, visual artists and stage artists about their work, discoveries, frustrations and travels.

In all episodes, it will be about what idea the artist has set in motion. It is about their visions and principles. Do they allow the color black in their watercolor painting? What does black do to us? Controversial issues are not avoided. Like, can you make art accessible by explain paintings to museum visitors? Does such an explanation make art democratic? Or is it just a dogma of the museum guide? Or, why another Poet of the Country / People as our ideals have made room for consumption?

Fers2’s dream was to show art as the daily re-creation of reality: to get the audience there, like a fly on a wall, listening to how the artists gossip.

The podcast will be released every fortnight and will last between 15 and 40 minutes. The first episode can be heard on Wednesday 24 March, on the website of Fers2. The first season of 12 episodes will tell the background stories of two or three artists.

The podcast opens with poet and painter Elmar Kuiper telling about what poetry is all about. What is he doing it for? “Message is a difficult word, but in the end, it’s what art is all about: you want to make your point as clear as possible, a point.” “Sometimes you have to grind on it for a long time, sometimes it finishes itself. That is in the white between the lines. You can get a lot of information out of it: from the poet’s silence.” He, says Kuiper, has no mission. But he still wants to be read in a hundred years.

The music and sound technique is by composer Martin Klapwijk, the content advice is by journalist and podcaster Qing Wang. Fers2 is an independent online publication for Frisian literary art.