At the beginning of the lockdown, fellow literature city Ulyanovsk (Russia) called on writers from all over the world to submit their photos and texts about the city as a source of inspiration. Nicole van den Berg – living in Leeuwarden – submitted a photo of a “horror playground” and was included in the exhibition.

The project helps visitors understand the writer’s relationship with a city and introduces authors from different countries to each other’s work. It led to an online exhibition of 100 images and texts.

Arjan Hut conducted an interview with Nicole on behalf of magazine “de Moanne”. From the article: “She describes her work as poems, stories or just ‘status updates’. “I would like to write a book. Now I am making miles.” Literally, because walking with Yuko produces many texts. “You are easily approachable with a dog. Without Yuko, I certainly would have had less inspiration! “”

View the exhibition (Russian/English)
Read the interview from de Moanne (Frisian/Dutch)
More work by Nicole van den Berg (Dutch)

Picture: Nicole van den Berg