Literary festival Meet Me at the Lighthouse is being prepared on Schiermonnikoog. Leeuwarden UNESCO City of Literature has its own literary program at the festival, with writers and publishers participating in the European project LIT-UP.


The second edition of the literature festival Meet Me at the Lighthouse will take place on Schiermonnikoog on November 9, 10, 11 and 12. Writers and publishers participating in the European project LIT-UP will partake in workshops with – among others – writer of the Frisian Gift Book 2023 Anita Terpstra and former Poet Laureate Tsead Bruinja, and can be seen in the program parts Minor Languages and HUMAN.

Literary program Minor Languages

Minor languages are unique, but their survival is sometimes threatened. What makes a language a minor language? About the power of tradition. With international guests Pia Prezelj, Ixiar Rozas Elizalde and Paco Inclán.

Program HUMAN

Ixiar Rozas Elizalde will already be on stage on the eve of our own program section, during the literary program HUMAN. The evening is about the man on the island, man versus nature and man’s role in the world, the Anthropocene. Is man nature, or does man place himself outside nature? How can you care for the world if you do not feel involved with the being of the world? Many astronauts refer to the ‘blue marble effect’ or the ‘overview effect’: after seeing the little blue ball in space, compassion and mercy for our earth arises – because only then the whole and its fragility is seen. Does one feel more connected to the island because you can see the whole, experience the edges?

With, in addition to Ixiar Rozas Elizalde, Myron Hamming, Mariken Heitman, Simone Atangana Bekono and Dorien Dijkhuis.

About Ixiar Rozas Elizalde

Ixiar is from the Basque country, Spain. The voice, language and its sounds belong to Ixiar Rozas Elizalde’s scope of work. Her texts, essays and material have been published in several countries and languages. She practices writing as a composition, as a place of observation and a topography of consciousness, open to other artistic languages. Her creations focus on a search for composition through rhythm, a sound located in the undulations that arise between words, breath, tempo, mind, listening and sound. Two of her books traverse the experience of the horizon in a place of islands and lighthouses. Her works: Negutegia (2006, Pamiela; 2009, Itaca), Ejercicios de ocupación. Afectos, vida y trabajo (2015, with Q. Pujol, Polígrafa), Beltzuria (2014, Pamiela; 2017, Enclave), 20.20 (2016, with M. Salgado), Unisonoa (2020, Pamiela; Bandcamp), Sonar la voz. 9 ensayos y 9 partitura (2022, Consonni). Ixiar Rozas Elizalde is part of AZALA and the project Borradores del Futuro. Over the years, she has collaborated with numerous artists, choreographers and thinkers from all over the world. She has a PhD in Fine Arts and is a professor of artistic education and of master’s courses in which she seeks to push the boundaries of writing and ways of working with poetry and imagination.